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People aren't one dimensional so neither are we. Alternative and gothic stuff is our bag but that doesn't mean we don't also love colour and fun! Find out more about our collections below. 

A collection of celestial and nature inspired handmade stainless steel and polymer clay jewellery with leaf, crystal, moon and star details

Celestial Forest

Inspired by nature and spirituality with dainty and intricate details. This collection is full of plants, crystals and celestial bodies.

Aesthetics: Witchcore, Fairy Grunge, Twilightcore, Whimsigoth

Colours: Black, Green, Gold, Silver

Dark Romance

Glamorously gothic, inspired by all things vampire. This collection features macabre details of blood, bones and knives in dainty and rich designs.

Aesthetics: Vampirecore, Femme Fatale, Goth

Colours: Red, Black, Silver

A collection of gothic vampire inspired handmade jewellery with bat, skeleton, snake and red crystal details
A collection of colourful handmade earrings with flower, heart, egg, checkerboard and smiley face details

Dopamine Fix

This collection does exactly what it says in the name! Dopamine Fix is full of bright, colourful and silly pieces for a bit of childlike fun in your outfit.

Aesthetics: Danish Pastel, Kidcore, Maximalist

Colours: Lilac, Lime, Red

Infernal Soul

The darkest collection of all (i.e. everything that offends delicate old ladies at our markets). This collection is not for the faint hearted, featuring snakes, coffins, bones and devilish numbers. 

Aesthetics: Goth, Punk, 2014 Tumblr

Colours: Black, Lime, White

A collection of gothic handmade jewellery with skeleton, snake, coffin, 666 and lime green details
A collection of regency era inspired stainless steel chainmaille jewellery with dainty pearl detailing


Our newest collection, inspired by the Baroque era of fashion. Think over embellished garments and lavish displays of wealth, combining dainty feminine details of pearls and draped chains with cold, gothic, metal chainmail.

Aesthetics: Dark Coquette, Royalcore, Baroque, Whimsigoth

Colours: Silver, White, Pearl


This collection is for all things grunge. Featuring handmade chainmail pieces in chunky, statement and subtle weaves. This jewellery can be worn everyday, on its own or layered with other pieces.

Aesthetics: Grunge, Skater, BDSM, Mall Goth

Colours: Silver

A collection of alternative and grungy handmade chainmail necklaces, bracelets and chains
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