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Handmade stainless steel chainmail necklaces with real baroque pearls
Rent our jewellery from just 10% of the cost of buying!

Rentals are a great cost-effective option for photoshoots, runways and one-off events like weddings, balls and award shows. This option is open to stylists and private individuals alike.


If you would like to rent our any of our pieces please read the following information carefully and fill out the form at the bottom of the page


Before a rental order can be placed, the form at the bottom of this page must be submitted and approved by us. All jewellery, accessories and clothing (except earrings) can be rented.

We require the full value of the item(s) to be paid upfront to cover the renting cost and deposit. These costs depend on whether the item is ready to wear or made to order:

  • Ready to wear - 10% renting cost, 90% deposit

  • Made to order - 25% renting cost, 75% deposit

The deposit will be refunded to the original card payer within 3 working days of the safe return of the item(s) providing there is no damage. Lost or damaged item(s) will void the rental agreement and result in your deposit being forfeited. Damage includes but is not limited to: broken components; missing or broken pearls; scratches or dents; any other damages we see as unacceptable.


Items can be rented for a maximum of 30 days and must be returned to us via tracked shipping by the 30th day. Days are counted from the date the piece(s) are dispatched and the deadline to return will be noted in the parcel. Item(s) must be returned to us via tracked shipping with adequate compensation for the item value(s). The tracking number needs to be sent to once postage has been arranged. The original postage box should be kept for ease of return. Should the item not be dispatched to us within 30 days, each extra day will result in an additional 5% of the item value being withheld from the deposit. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances; this will be discussed and decided on a case by case basis. The renter is responsible for covering shipping costs in both directions; this cost will not be refunded.

Rented items will be dispatched within the same timeframe as purchased items (see Shipping and Returns page for more info). Express dispatch can be requested at an extra cost; depending on the type and quantity of the item(s) this may not always be possible but we will try our best to meet your needs.

If you are looking to rent a large quantity of items for a fixed event such as a photoshoot or runway, it may be necessary for me to hand deliver the items and remain on-site for adjustments and protection. This way there is less chance of anything going missing or getting broken so you can regain your full deposit. If this is the case, my travel costs would need to be covered on top of of the rental costs.

If you fall in love with your rental piece and want to keep it rather than send it back, we don't blame you! Drop us an email if this is the case and we can confirm whether this is possible. If so, we just need to get written confirmation that a) you accept you won't get your deposit back, and b) we accept that the item will not be returned. This is to protect us both while voiding the rental agreement.

Discounts do not apply to rented items. If a discount is applied to the checkout, your order will be cancelled and we will request for you to place it again without the discount. We reserve the right to reject rental requests without reason. Should an item/items not be returned without prior agreement we may seek legal action for recovery.

This waffle isn't meant to put you off, it's to protect both of us and make the rental process is as smooth and fulfilling as possible! If you're happy with all of these conditions, fill out the form below to enquire.

Rental Request Form
What is the rental for?
Would you be interested in sharing any footage with us?

Thanks for your submission, we will be in contact as soon as possible!

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